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Tech Lead/AEM Developer







At SYZYGY Warsaw, we create a space that allows us to fully use our potential and emerging opportunities.

We strive to be a completely self-organizing company, in which we have disclosed everyone’s salaries, ourselves we have created the pay rise system and we make our own decisions.

As a team of programmers and designers who have been creating and developing digital products for 14 years, our goal is to change the way software is designed and built. Therefore being agile and the ability to respond to customer needs is important for us. Among others, we cooperate with Mazda, Danwood, KYOCERA, LOT, TUI, Żabka.

We believe that the basis of good products is a partnership relationship. In SYZYGY, we advise and implement dedicated solutions, thanks to which we contribute to the development of clients’ businesses in the shortest possible time.

About The KPP Team:

Our 8-person team with the wonderful name of the Kraina Podziemnej Pomarańczy, consists of  AEM developers, Frontend Developer, Delivery Manager, Agile PM, and Client Partner  –  in a nutshell, we have everything necessary for comprehensive software development. We work for one client, and we focus on creating a dedicated product for them. We work in agile methodologies, selecting specific solutions in accordance with the needs of the team and the current phase of the project/workstream.

Furthermore, we are a self-managing team, we value a broad view of the tasks we perform. Our work is based on the roles we play in the team (and not on the positions we hold), which is why our commitment and openness to taking various roles are so important to us. Some of us are working from the office in Warsaw, and some of us are working remotely from different parts of Poland. Our relations are based on honest communication and trust. We want our team to be a place where you can express yourself freely because every opinion counts!

Our project:

We are using the Multi-Site Manager to manage 20 markets in Europe and Central America. It is a platform for sharing over 20,000 files shared between markets and users, integration of e-commerce, LDAP, and Elasticsearch. We are currently working in AEM 6.3, and we are going to migrate to 6.5 this year.

 Your role and responsibilities:

  • estimating and implementing new functionalities needed to extend the platform to new markets;
  • implementing and extending of integration points – LDAP, PIM, E-commerce, Elasticsearch;
  • running/maintaining an existing platform;
  • conducting and consulting the process of project migration to the new version of AEM;
  • coordinating of design sessions of new solutions;
  • consulting with the client and analytical team in London;
  • setting the path of application development.

By the way… we are using roles system instead of positions. You can read about that in Stanowiska w organizacji – czy można inaczej? article. 

Tech Stack:

  • Java 8, AEM 6.3;
  • Sling;
  • OSGi;
  • HTL; 
  • JCR/Jackrabbit;
  • Elasticsearch; 
  • JavaScript/React; 
  • Coral UI; 
  • Granite UI; 
  • Git; 
  • Maven; 
  • Groovy. 

SYZYGY is a place for you IF:

  • You feel the need to have (and communicate) one version of yourself and integrity in building relationships – both in private and professional life – because everything else is like having a part in kindergarten play and a tiring split personality;
  • 20th century business management model that you learned about in college (or on YouTube) in your opnion doesn’t fit into the volatile, changing, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment in which we currently operates (VUCA world);
  • The hierarchy and power of individuals is like oversize sweatshirt from your older brother (sister) and you see the effectiveness and reasonable coping with difficulties in self-managing teams;
  • The role of a cog in a great machine, although sometimes comfortable (because much is not expected of you), clashes with your inner need to be a part of a larger whole and to have a real impact on the shape and development of the organization in which you work;
  • Rumor has it that yout spirit animal is a gazelle or other hare, because you are so mentally flexible and agile – you don’t panic when priorities change, you adapt quickly and also like to test different possibilities;
  • You want the freedom to make mistakes so you don’t have to resort to safe, repeatable solutions cause you know that mistakes are inextricably linked to the creative process of organizational learning;
  • Constructive criticism is something you value (more likely you even expect it) and you’re willing to share thoughtful feedback yourself, because it’s a natural element of development for you and you have outgrown diapers a long time ago;
  • In the decision-making process, you are not looking for consensus and rotten compromises, but you are able to take responsibility for the consequences of the decision made, taking into account the opinions of other parties involved in the process;
  • You boldly admit defeat and ask others for help, because it is human to err and only the cow does not change its mind (and you are not stubborn like a donkey);
  • The transparency of your and your colleagues’ actions doesn’t give you chills (and if so, only because of the excitement).

What awaits you after joining SYZYGY?

  • MultiSport card (if the pandemic doesn’t discourage you from staying in shape) + Medicover private medical care
  • The earlier references to animals are not accidental. We have a beautiful office in Dolny Mokotów, where eclecticism, plants and animals are the leitmotif
  • Unlimited PTO (paid time off) – who will stop us?
  • Transparent salaries of everyone and the salary range
  • Pay rise system, thanks to which it’s you who ultimately decide whether you grant yourself and what amount you should get
  • EduCenter – our internal platform for the exchange of knowledge and opinions, which helps us explore the topics that intrigue us
  • We like to have fun – in our kitchen we organize parties, eat breakfast and celebrate various holidays. Every year (before Covid) we went on integration trips, because people and adventures are two of our values (no kidding!)
  • The only thing we pulled from the government is 500+ for the birth of your offspring
  • Every year we give ourselves Christmas bonuses and cash prizes for 5-10-15 years of working with us
  • “Fruit Wednesdays”, PlayStation, board games, ping-pong table and other obvious obviousness giving comfort and relief



From 25 000  PLN net on B2B contract

We also have an employment agreement available.

Regardless of your form of cooperation, you are entitled to unlimited vacation days!

What’s next? What are the next steps?

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