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At SYZYGY Warsaw, we create a space that allows us to fully use our potential and emerging opportunities.
We strive to be a completely self-organizing company, in which we have disclosed everyone’s salaries, ourselves we have created the pay rise system and we make our own decisions. As a team of programmers and designers who have been creating and developing digital products for 14 years, our goal is to change the way software is designed and built. Therefore being agile and the ability to respond to customer needs is important for us. Among others, we cooperate with Mazda, Danwood, KYOCERA, LOT, TUI, Żabka. We believe that the basis of good products is a partnership relationship. In SYZYGY, we advise and implement dedicated solutions, thanks to which we contribute to the development of clients’ businesses in the shortest possible time.
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Job type

What team are we recruiting for?

We are called EMEMEMEMSY, a bit from the name of the client for whom we work, a bit from the fact that we have a lot of people on the “M” in the team;

  • The team consists of 5 JS devs, QA and Agile Product Manager
  • We work with a team from Germany (Design, Product Owners, Backend)
  • Some of us work full-time remotely, others hybrid
  • The model of our work is closest to “scrumban”, we try to live agile values instead of making meetings that could be an e-mail – in which Agile PM supports us
  • We like to experiment and exchange knowledge – we have space to introduce new things (we have recently introduced, for example, TypeScript)
  • Every Friday we organize DevTalka – it’s an opportunity to prepare presentations or just talk

In our daily work, quality is very important to us! We don’t like to take shortcuts, we honestly say when something is wrong. We believe in transparency and feedback. We don’t like “behind closed doors” processes.

What project are we recruiting for?

We work for Mazda Motors, we are responsible for the front-end of the application for the European market. The product itself can be said to be a collection of applications such as car configurator,dealer search engines or financial calculators.

Most of our work is creating new functionalities or rebuilding existing ones – sure, sometimes we fix bugs, but when fixing, we care about the quality of the code and try to reduce the technological debt. We think long-term contra here and now.

We have been working on the product for several years, there are no places that we are afraid to touch. However, we are not perfect and we honestly admit it. We have many problems ahead of us to solve and a long way to perfection.

What technological stack do we have?

The front-end is “independent” from the back-end, the environment is run with several npm commands. We use Gitlab CI, we have partial feature deployment.

  • React 17+
  • SCSS, CSS Modules + BEM
  • Redux & Context
  • Storybook
  • Cypress, There is
  • ESLint, Prettier

Your role and its responsibilities

We are a self-organizing team,there are no sad architects and managers who tell us how to write a kodzik without taking responsibility for it. There is no team leader, and the key responsibilities are divided into roles, e.g. a specialist in the field of automated tests, a strategist or a person responsible for wellbeing. Working in such a team requires maturity and teamwork skills. We realize that not everyone is suitable for this, but we also believe that it is the best way to create good software.

We are looking for an independent person with a very good knowledge of React, who has at least two years of commercial experience in this technology. If you have more experience – great, let’s talk.

Must have

  • at least one commercial project in React – the ability to write clean code that others in the team will understand
  • KISS & DRY should not be alien to you
  • experience in working in English – we work with Germans so the native level is not needed, but we need someone who can easily get along at meetings
  • experience in teamwork – code review, joint work on tasks is our everyday life
  • initiative – we take care of our app, we try to do more than just the tasks themselves
  • independence and “get things done” attitude

Nice to have

  • Ownership of the project, the ability to coordinate the work of not only your own but also other people from the team
  • Experience in working in a flat structure
  • CSS Modules + BEM
  • Tests – we use Cypress and Jesta, we are trying to introduce BDD
  • TypeScript – we crawl in the topic but all new things we write typified (if it makes sense 😶)
  • Performance of applications – performance budget, lighthouse issues are not alien to us
  • Redux – we use in the car configurator, in other parts context API meets our expectations

How recruitment looks like?

  1. Contact us! You can upload your RESUME or a link to your LinkedIn profile, or maybe a piece of your code/repository/website. Something that will help us get to know you better 🤔
  2. If we are interested in your experience, we will send you an invitation for a short 30-minute video call,you will tell us about yourself and we will tell us about us. The purpose of this stage is to check whether we “fit together” (information whether we go further is taken at the end of the meeting)
  3. If you have not yet let us know enough about your technical skills, you are given a task to do by us. Do not like long tasks without fear, it should take about 1 hour but we do not give you any limit (we do not like to work under pressure ourselves)
  4. Technical conversation and with a person from the People team– we will start with a live code review of the above stage, and then talk about technology. We will also talk about where you want to work and what is important to you
  5. Meet Us Day – the last simple, if you are here it means that we will probably cooperate, but we give you and us space to get to know the whole team and get acquainted with the project (the only stage that would be great to carry out on site)
  6. Welcome to SYZYGY! 🍾


14 000 – 18 000 PLN net (B2B)

11 500 – 15 000 PLN gross (UoP)

Just a sneak peek on our advantages

MultiSport card (if the pandemic doesn’t discourage you from staying in shape) + Medicover private medical care
Days off
Unlimited PTO (paid time off)– who can stop us?!
Pay rise system
A pay rise system that is transparent to the entire organization
The only thing we pulled from the government is 500+ for the birth of your offspring
Wspaniałe biuro
Earlier references to animals are not accidental. We have a beautiful office in Dolny Mokotów, where eclecticism, plants and animals are the leitmotifs
Nie tylko praca
We like to have a good time together. In our kitchen we organize parties, eat breakfast and celebrate various holidays. Every year (before Covid) we went on integration trips, because people and adventures are two of our values (no kidding!)

What awaits you after joining SYZYGY?

No hierarchy
Role-based decision making
Radical candor
Open salaries
Full transparency


You can upload your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile, or maybe a piece of your code/repository/website. Something that will help us get to know you better!

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