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Senior Frontend Developer

Warsaw, 26. November 2021
At SYZYGY Warsaw, we create a space that allows us to fully use our potential and emerging opportunities.
We strive to be a completely self-organizing company, in which we have disclosed everyone’s salaries, ourselves we have created the pay rise system and we make our own decisions. As a team of programmers and designers who have been creating and developing digital products for 14 years, our goal is to change the way software is designed and built. Therefore being agile and the ability to respond to customer needs is important for us. Among others, we cooperate with Mazda, Danwood, KYOCERA, LOT, TUI, Żabka. We believe that the basis of good products is a partnership relationship. In SYZYGY, we advise and implement dedicated solutions, thanks to which we contribute to the development of clients’ businesses in the shortest possible time.
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The Team

We are FUKSJA: a 11-person team, which combines all the competencies required to build digital products. We work for several clients with whom we have very good relations and co-create products for which we take responsibility for from top to the bottom. We take care of our code quality, that is why we have a Code Review. We practice KISS & DRY.

We work in a „hybrid” model – we’re fine with working remotely from time to time, but we also believe that meeting in person lets us create great relationships (not just purely professional). 

Our technological stack

  • HTML5
  • CSS (SCSS)
  • React
  • Redux
  • Vanilla JS
  • Typescript
  • Jest
  • Cypress
  • Lighthouse
  • SEO
  • A11Y
  • Material Design/UI
  • Node.js
  • Next.js
  • Storybook
  • BEM

Your role

You will be mainly responsible for building and maintaining a component library for large clients’ products as well as for implementing good practices in the team, taking care of the quality of the code we create, mentoring and the ability to coordinate the work of other team members. 

It would be great if you specialized in a specific area (e.g. testing, performance, tooling etc.). Knowledge in the field of DevOps and the ability to use it in practice by introducing “global” solutions will also be well appreciated. 

Btw, we operate on the basis of roles, see Roles vs positions – How are roles different from positions? 

Proponowane wynagrodzenie i kwestie formalne

13 000 – 16 000 PLN net (B2B)
11 000 – 13 000 PLN brutto (UoP)

Few of our many advantages…

Karta MultiSport (jeśli pandemia nie zniechęciła Cię do utrzymania formy) + prywatna opieka medyczna Medicover
Urlopy bez limitów
Nielimitowane płatne urlopy – bo kto nam zabroni?
System podwyżkowy
System podwyżkowy, który jest transparentny dla całej organizacji
Jedyna rzecz, którą ściągnęliśmy od rządu to 500+ na narodziny Twojego potomka
Wspaniałe biuro
Wcześniejsze nawiązania do zwierząt są nie przypadkowe. Mamy piękne biuro na Dolnym Mokotowie, w którym eklektyzm, rośliny i zwierzęta to motyw przewodni
Nie tylko praca
Lubimy się dobrze bawić – w naszej kuchni urządzamy imprezki, jemy wspólnie środowe śniadania i celebrujemy różne święta. Co roku jeździmy na wyjazdy integracyjne, bo ludzie i przygoda to dwie z naszych wartości (no kidding!)

What awaits you after joining the team?

Brak hierarchy
Proces decyzyjny oparty na rolach
Radykalna szczerość
Jawne wynagrodzenia
Pełna transparencja


You can upload your CV or link to your profile on LinkedIn, or maybe a piece of your code / repository / website. We want to get to know you better!

Any questions?
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Technology Lead
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