Discovery workshop for Kyocera America

Following the success of the new Adobe Experience Manager platform for KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe and the ongoing adaption in 18 EMEA markets, SYZYGY was approached by KYOCERA Document Solutions America to support them in their digital transformation.

As work commenced, SYZYGY’s international team (from left):

  • Michał Łukawski (SYZYGY Warsaw),
  • Tomasz Stachowiak (SYZYGY Warsaw),
  • Matt Wills (SYZYGY London),
  • Kai Horlbeck (SYZYGY Extended Realities)

held a discovery workshop at the KYOCERA America offices, with the aim of determining a detailed scope of activities and defining the need for new features. The project will allow KYOCERA America to carry out a full platform globalization in the future.


The USA is the first of 5 markets in North and South America in which SYZYGY will introduce new, technologically advanced platforms for KYOCERA.