We believe that the world deserves products that respect its users.

Therefore, we use numerous tools and methodologies to validate our assumptions and help our clients to understand better their users. Our team loves to push solutions they build to their limits, so we are offering a full suite of optimisation techniques starting from website analytics and ending with expert analysis.

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"In today’s fast pacing world best products are build when we don’t focus on theoretical analysis, but measure how a product performs in the market. Therefore, we offer our clients to build products in iterations and optimize them basing on users' feedback and real data."


We believe that data tells the story. Ask the right question and you will get to know how users use the product. Should you need a Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics expert our team is here to help.

A/B Testing

Our teams love to A/B test. We offer solutions with A/B testing built-in or can retrofit A/B testing mechanisms to existing systems (using SaaS tools like VWO or custom build solution).

Click tracking & Heatmaps

By analyzing data from heatmaps we get to know how exactly users are using your product. Our team will be happy to help you choose the right tools and then use them to optimise your product.

Focus Group Testing

Need to check how your product will perform with real users before release? Our team can organize focus group testing.

Expert Analysis

An experienced eye is worth more than a thousand guesses. We may do an expert UX/UI or technical analysis of your product so we will know where to focus our optimisation efforts.


Should your product be restricted by the performance of your technology we are here to help. We can optimise website loading performance, including front-end, back-end, and infrastructure performance or UI responsiveness. Oh, and we don’t forget to measure first.

What do you get?

  • Regular analytics report with expert interpretation 
  • UX/UI analysis report with detailed areas of improvements that includes an explanation of the reasoning 
  • Technical Architecture Analysis report with recommendations for changes/improvements 
  • A/B testing/heatmaps results report and recommendations 
  • Performance reports including page rendering time, server response time with improvement recommendations 

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