Product Ownership

Product Ownership

We believe that there is always a product.

We observed many cases where the insufficient focus on defining the vision, managing backlog, building the roadmap, anticipating and checking client needs, or evaluating the product progress caused that the final result was far from meeting the expectations and truly respecting end-users. That’s why being an effective delivery partner is not enough for us. We will help you in maximizing product value and support your organization forming a professional Product Owner role.

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"Thanks to our product-driven approach we will help to transform your brilliant ideas into a valuable product. End-user satisfaction is also our goal."

Product Vision

It is important for product to understand the overarching goal you are aiming for, and the reason for creating the product.

Managing Product Backlog

The product backlog is the single authoritative source of truth for things that a team works on.

Customer Journey

It allows you to change perspective and look at the product from the customer's point of view.

Feature Prioritizing

It is planning out the order of features your team works on, based on your product roadmap and your needs.


The prototype allows you to visualize the product and in the end test it with users.

MVP Scoping

The best way to validate your business hypotheses is to build and quickly release to the market a Minimum Viable Product.

Evaluating Product Progress

It is good practice to use monitoring and evaluation methodologies to track the progress of your product development and optimize this process.

Product Discovery

Discovery is a starting point of your hi-end digital product that leverages a successful market reception by its users.

What do you get?

  • Daily backlog Reevaluation
  • Full transparency of a product development
  • Single point of contact
  • Support and advisory in daily challenges
  • A sack full of ideas for product and process optimization
  • Support in understanding and providing the best business value
  • Support in prioritization of features to deliver the best value/MoSCow
  • Assistance in product roadmap creation and maintenance
  • Product centric support and focus within the team

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