“Software house 2021” report:
UX/UI design practices and web service costs

28. April 2021
Eksperci i ekspertki

Have you wondered what are the best UX and UI design practices for 2021? Or how much does an e-commerce platform/web service cost nowadays?

Together with and several colleagues from the IT industry, we have shared some tips on how technological solutions can support your online sales.

SYZYGY Warsaw experts:

  • Pola Ziejewska (Client Partner),
  • Mariusz Flisiński (Senior Digital Designer),
  • Michał Łukawski (Managing Director)
  • Andrzej Duś (IT Director)
Raport “Software house 2021”: Praktyki UX/UI design i koszty usług internetowych

Find out what our have to say about implementing the most effective UI/UX solutions and what actually determines the final cost of implementing a web service.

Download the report [in Polish] and get the best hints on how to grow your business in digital! (chapter 1, page 13 and 15)

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IT Client Partner
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