Mobile App Discovery for EBS Security

There are technologies and the companies behind them that create innovation, but not everyone has heard of them. Our new partner – EBS  is a security equipment manufacturer with over thirty years of history. Being in the security market for an exceptionally long time, and having vast experience, it constantly follows global trends, using modern technologies and innovative ideas in its solutions. From the beginning, we knew that we have a similar approach to creating products and looking for new opportunities. 

Functionality of the mobile app for home and alarm management

* Initial interface proposals.

EBS offers smart communicators, which are a universal upgrade to almost every control panel available on the market, their professional alarm systems with smart home elements, as well as Worker Monitoring systems with extensive reporting capabilities. They also provide their customers with an application through which the target user can operate their alarm. And it is this application that we focused on as part of our cooperation.

Cele i zakres

  • Discovery: Analysis of customer and user needs, linking business requirements to users.
  • Functionality: Management of alarm and smart home systems.
  • Methodology: Workshops using Event Modelling, UX/UI, technical and product analysis, low-fi mock-ups.
Aplikacja mobilna do obsługi smart home i alarm

Our task was to conduct a Discovery of an application for the operation of alarm control panels. The goal was to determine the needs and expectations of the client – getting to know the users, combining business requirements with user requirements, and finally creating a new mobile application for iOS and Android on Java. Anyone who has created a new digital product knows that there is no single proven solution for this, but what significantly increases confidence in the validity of the product creation before you move to the production phase and invest money is the Discovery phase.

As part of the Discovery of the EBS Security app, we prepared:

  • technical analysis,
  • product UX/UI analysis,
  • workshops with the client’s team conducted in the Event Modeling method
  • low-fi mockups based on the workshop results
  • proposals of technical and graphical solutions (interface design included in visualizations),
  • analysis of the product realization and implementation process – an extensive backlog was prepared, ensuring smooth
  • workflow for the upcoming sprints.
Monitoring can be viewed on the mobile app - EMS Security app

During the technical analysis, we proposed solutions that best fit with the technology EBS already has in place. We wanted to develop the current structure rather than start building a completely new entity.

UI proposal for a smart home application - EBS

Based on the conclusions from the workshops and analysis, we prepared a proposal for the UI of the application. In the project a lot of emphasis was put on the main functionality, that is, weapons management. The challenge in the UI/UX process was to prepare a maximally intuitive solution for the most important functionality. The rest of views is complemented by equally important for the client “dashboard” view – main screen, which should gather all the most important for the user functions within “click” range – device control, cameras, statuses and notifications from the system.

Mobile application development - proposals for functionality

When we find a new partner we are usually very keen to work with people who have a similar approach to cooperation and product development. In this case, from the beginning, it was clear that we are dealing with a team of people full of passion and commitment. And what is equally important, they have a clear vision for the future and expert knowledge in the field of modern technologies.

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