Online car configurator

for improving clients’ brand experience

Our Role

Front-End Web Development

Together with our colleagues from SYZYGY Bad Homburg and Frankfurt, we have created a new version of a technologically advanced digital tool, which increases sales and enables every client to virtually customize any Mazda model according to their individual needs.

Digitization of the automotive end-to-end journey

Mazda, a global corporation with 1.5 million car sales worldwide in 2019, appointed SYZYGY to help them develop their latest online tool – the car configurator.

Our task was to rebuild and develop the configurator’s features in order to significantly improve users’ experience.

Full View

Although we had to meet the tight deadline our team proposed several amendments in terms of content presentation.

One of them was a spherical dome – an extremely realistic 360-degree view that enables a user to exactly see all the tiniest details of the interior of the car. The changes proved to be successful – they positively affected the statistics and fairly boosted the traffic.


  • Process Discovery
  • Product & Service Design
  • Software engineering
  • Maintenance & Operations
  • Product Development


  • Framework: React.js, Redux (Redux Ducks pattern)
  • Styling: SCSS (BEM pattern) with CSS Modules
  • Tooling: Prettier & ES Lint for code formatting & static code analysis
  • Tests: Cypress for e2e testing, Jest for unit/integration tests
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