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Together with Danwood, we have designed and implemented a new service which proves that with the use of Virtual Reality, we can make the dream of having a home come true while delivering tangible business results.

Danwood is a modern brand that is changing the way people think about home building technology.

Danwood is one of the leading suppliers of prefabricated houses in Europe and has delivered over 9,000 houses to numerous European countries in the last 20 years. Together we developed a strategy to optimize the visibility of the new prefabricated house series Vision.

The houses were designed in collaboration with Danish architects and are aimed at the German and other western markets. Our goal was to convince potential customers to buy a still fictional house.

VR-Visualisation Vision 207

Virtual Reality helped the client reform their entire business.

SYZYGY Extended Realities has developed special software for this, which puts a customer directly into the virtual version of the house. For the first time, the real estate development business is both mobile and agile.

The sales tool was designed for several users: a seller can enter the house together with the customer, advise him on site and also modify the look of the house directly. The innovative aspect of this VR application was also that it was not only developed for visualization purposes, but also to boost sales and drive business forward.

An innovative VR application, developed by us equally for visualization, sales strengthening and business optimization.


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