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Work is more than the sum of the tasks completed

It’s the tasks, it’s the customers, it’s the benefits, it’s the colleagues, the attitude and the demands with which you implement new ideas together. The honesty and the openness with which you meet yourself and others. Above all, however, we are convinced that work should not only challenge and encourage, but also be fun and inspire. Because then work is good job – and it is far more than the sum of its individual parts.


People are at the center of our “universe”. We believe that all members of our team have great ideas that deserve to be implemented.

We are focused on understanding your needs and getting to know each other.

Teal organization

“The only constant is a change.” as one famous Greek philosopher once said.

At SYZYGY, we believe that traditional hierarchy and a chain of command are overrated and do not apply to the modern agile organization.
We treat each other as grown-ups. Everyone is autonomous when making decisions, and they take full responsibility for their consequences.

We strive to create a workplace where, everyone regardless of their experience, role, and internal motives, can be an authentic version of themselves. It all happens by building honest and deep relationships. We create a space that allows us to use our full potential and emerging opportunities.

Our ultimate goal is to become a radically candid, fully transparent, and entirely self-managed teal organization.


Both at work and outside of it, we just want to be ourselves. We believe that there is also a place for fun and fooling around in the office. Playing teaches us to express joy, share our expression and not take life so seriously. It helps us build relationships, encourages experimentation and allows us to think outside of the box.


We are partners for our clients and for ourselves – we build relationships full of trust and respect, which result in valuable projects that affect our environment.

Safety means also that our salaries are always on time!


The most important thing for us is a job well done, not awards or distinctions (although we have several).

We do believe that only teamwork allows us to achieve the impossible.

So it’s the place for you if…

Being your true self
You feel the need to have (and communicate) one version of yourself and integrity in building relationships – both in private and professional life – because everything else is like having a part in kindergarten play and a tiring split personality
20th century business management model that you learned about in college (or on YouTube) in your opinion doesn’t fit into the volatile, changing, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment in which we currently operates (VUCA world)
New order
The hierarchy and power of individuals is like oversize sweatshirt from your older brother (sister) and you see the effectiveness and reasonable coping with difficulties in self-managing teams
Real impact
The role of a cog in a great machine, although sometimes comfortable (because much is not expected of you), clashes with your inner need to be a part of a larger whole and to have a real impact on the shape and development of the organization in which you work
Rumor has it that your spirit animal is a gazelle or other hare, because you are so mentally flexible and agile – you don’t panic when priorities change, you adapt quickly and also like to test different possibilities
Error, error
You want the freedom to make mistakes so you don’t have to resort to safe, repeatable solutions cause you know that mistakes are inextricably linked to the creative process of organizational learning
Power of feedback
Constructive criticism is something you value (more likely you even expect it) and you’re willing to share thoughtful feedback yourself, because it’s a natural element of development for you and you have outgrown diapers a long time ago
Distributed authority
In the decision-making process, you are not looking for consensus and rotten compromises, but you are able to take responsibility for the consequences of the decision made, taking into account the opinions of other parties involved in the process
You boldly admit defeat and ask others for help, because it is human to err and only the cow does not change its mind (and you are not stubborn like a donkey)
Full transparency
The transparency of your and your colleagues’ actions doesn’t give you chills (and if so, only because of the excitement)
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