A Unique Experience Platform

Our Role

UX Design

We have enabled Kler customers to peruse a wide selection of furniture, giving them the unique experience of visiting an actual store.

A Global Brand

Over 45 years ago, Piotr Kler designed and personally crafted his first piece of furniture. Thanks to his tenacity and perfectionism, he has created a brand that currently exports its products to 5 continents, offering over 250 collections to its customers. Such a vast catalogue of products required a fitting showcase.

The Challenge

Our task was to create a product website that would showcase the elegant selection of Kler furniture. Browsing through the products was meant to be an aesthetically pleasing experience that would encourage the user to take the next step, i.e. to make a purchase.

Customer Journey

Before starting on our UX, we have analyzed the entire customer journey – from the customer’s reasons for entering the store, through behaviour analysis, product selection, to the potential purchase or reason for not purchasing a product. This information helped us design an online catalogue that would mirror the process of perusing the Kler selection in real life.

The Pleasure of Watching

We allowed the images to speak. We have exposed photographs and video materials that reflect the spirit of a given collection and allow customers to appreciate what sets Kler apart from other companies – the quality of craftsmanship. Discreet but polished iconography informs customers about additional services and functionalities, while micro-interactions are meant to make using the website more pleasant.

Beauty and elegance are the trademarks of Kler furniture, which is why the website we have designed is dominated by visual content

The visual nature of the portal dictated the thrust of our programming efforts. We used CSS Grid Layout – a new technology that allows you to build advanced graphic layouts, which made it possible for us to combine a unique look with a flexible content management system.

We have used additional optimizing mechanisms recommended for visual-rich websites, as well as so-called lazy loading which makes it so that graphic objects load only when they are displayed on a screen, thus saving the user bandwidth.

The Fastest Solution on the Market

10 seconds. According to statistics, that’s how much time we have at most to convince a user to stay on a website. This means that the web service had to be lightning fast. Which is why to build it we used the Algolia engine, which guarantees fast search results – for example for the nearest Kler store.

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