One service tailored to the demands of 5 markets

Our Role

Web Development

For Danwood, we have designed and implemented a new service that made the dream of a home into a reality. Danwood is a modern brand that changes the way people think about the technology of house construction. It is one of the leading suppliers of prefabricated houses in Europe. In the last 20 years, Danwood has implemented over 9 thousand projects all over the continent. We have designed and implemented a new service that made the dream of a home into a reality.

The Task

Our task was to create a service that would meet the diverse demands of five different markets while ensuring visual and functional cohesion. We were also expected to deliver an elastic platform that would allow for future expansion and the addition of new content.

About the products

different languages

Different Markets

Danwood offers its services in five markets:

  • German
  • Austrian
  • Swiss
  • British
  • Polish


Each market is different and has unique needs that we needed to address, which is why we had to create 5 websites with individually designed elements.

Design With an Eye on Conversion

We have involved our client in the design process. We conducted an UX workshop during which we created mock-ups and a foundation for the website prototype, and geared its visual aspects towards improving conversion rate.

Our priority was creating a transparent and aesthetically pleasing website whose users would have no problem finding pertinent information or contacting a sales associate and would be able to pick out their dream home from the 130+ designs offered by Danwood.

A Tailor-Made Service

Creating a service that would combine 5 different language versions also required adjusting functionalities in each of the markets, so that key processes could be tailored to the customer’s needs. The CMS we chose allowed us to lower the cost of running such a complex portal, maintaining a balance between current functionality and the ability to expand the framework when necessary.

By using the Storybook tool, we were able to design the website as a series of modules that can be reused in various sections. This gave our client a simple and intuitive way of creating future subsections of their portal on their own.

The service’s downtime should not exceed 9 hours per year


  • Languages: React, Redux
  • Frontend: SCSS w metodologii BEM
  • Backend: Symfony, CMS Kunstmaan Bundles
  • Architecture: Microservice, Server Side Rendering
  • Services: Algolia, Google Maps API
  • Monitoring: Pingdom, Pager Duty
  • Hosting: AWS, Continuous Deployment, High Availability, CDN, Infrastructure as a code
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