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Product & Web Development

KYOCERA appointed SYZYGY to plan, develop and implement a new 360 digital experience built around customers’ needs, that harnessed the potential of Adobe Experience Manager.

In addition to thorough primary research, SYZYGY conducted a series of stakeholder workshops from which detailed requirements were prioritised around core customer journeys, helping to formulate an initial Minimum Viable Product for KYOCERA’s new digital experience. Wireframes, process flows and detailed visual designs helped add additional detail to the desired end-to-end experience, from which the development team built, tested and launched the new digital platform.

Furthermore, part way through the project, SYZYGY was asked to accommodate a global rebranding of KYOCERA within the platform build in time for the initial launch.


Utilising the potential of the Adobe suite, back-end processes are now supported via automated workflows and clearly defined user permissions, whilst analytics provide insight and guidance for future optimisation.

Furthermore, fully customised components and page templates allow authors to deliver dynamic, tailored content to multiple sites, across various geographies.

The new experience integrates with numerous systems, including LDAP (for authentication) and Salesforce Pardot (marketing automation), which help ensure KYOCERA has a 360 view of customers and can provide a seamless, cross-channel journey for its users.


The new experience accelerates KYOCERA’s speed to market and provides the 23 national sales companies with the ability to customise local content and personalise messaging across the customer lifecycle, actively driving lead generation.

In addition, SYZYGY has provided KYOCERA with an established set of guidelines and rules for their new brand visual identity, which can be used across all platforms, devices and future roll-outs to other markets.


  • Product discovery
  • Prototyping
  • Process discovery
  • User testing
  • Software engineering
  • Maintenance & Operations
  • Product development
  • Maintenance & SLA


  • Javascript: React 16, ECMA Script 6, Jest, Node.js
  • Front-end: SCSS – BEM
  • Back-end: Java, Adobe Experience Manager, Elasticsearch, ClamAV, Active Directory
  • Architecture: Author-Publish, Dispatcher, Cache, EFS datastore
  • Monitoring: Pager Duty
  • Hosting: AWS, Continuous Deployment, High Availability
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