Enterprise CMS Implementation

We implement solutions based on Magnolia CMS or Adobe Experience Manager for large enterprises that require advanced security, support, and scalability to manage large volumes of content and data.

What needs does an Enterprise Content Management System address?

Advanced Content Management
Choosing an Enterprise CMS like Magnolia or Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) addresses the needs of large organizations with complex and multifaceted operational requirements. These systems are designed to support diverse teams in content management with minimal technical support. Flexibility in configuration and customization, integrated tools for managing multilingual content, and multichannel capabilities are crucial for globally operating organizations.
Top-Level Data Security
Magnolia and AEM provide data security solutions compliant with the latest information protection standards. Built-in access management features, protection against cyber-attacks, and continuous security updates ensure data protection at every processing stage. Additionally, the stability of these CMS systems guarantees business continuity, critical for companies reliant on the availability of their digital assets. Regular backups, rapid system recovery after failures, and high-level technical support minimize downtime risks and potential losses.
Operational Security and Business Continuity
Stability and reliability are key for corporations dependent on operational continuity. Magnolia and AEM offer platforms resistant to failures and downtimes, essential for maintaining productivity and minimizing losses during technical issues. Regular updates and support from experienced partners further strengthen the system’s operational readiness for future challenges.
Support from a Trusted Partner
With Magnolia, on the market for over 19 years, you gain access to a proven solution with numerous iterations and improvements responding to the evolving needs of global corporations. Investing in this solution provides your company not only with a product but also with a partnership that evolves and adapts to its growing demands. One of Magnolia’s key advantages is its open architecture and extensive partner network, allowing your company to avoid vendor lock-in.

As official Magnolia parrtner, we guarantee a professional approach at every project stage – from initial consultations, needs analysis, design, implementation, to ongoing support and system development. Our methodology ensures that each implementation is precisely tailored to your company’s requirements, leading to optimal resource utilization and maximizing ROI.

Alex Thomas - IT Business Partner - SYZYGY Warsaw

Thinking of implementing a new CMS?

If you’re concerned about potential implementation challenges, leave us your email and phone number. We’ll call you back within 24 hours to discuss your needs and potential risks. Based on this conversation, we will decide together whether to arrange a further meeting with our expert(s) who will prepare a tailored solution and next steps for you.

Who Will Work for You?

In our approach to projects, we prioritize transparency and direct collaboration. From the very first discussions about your project, you will have the opportunity to meet the team members who will be directly involved in its implementation. We avoid the practice of “showcasing employees” – the people you speak with are the same ones who will be working on your project. This ensures that from the start, you know who you are working with, and we can better understand your needs and expectations.

Each client is assigned a dedicated team of specialists who focus exclusively on their project. This form of collaboration guarantees not only better understanding and engagement but also significantly better results compared to a model where people work on multiple projects simultaneously. By setting a fixed rate upfront, we ensure cost transparency – eliminating hidden fees and underestimation of work scope, which are common issues in fixed-price models.

Our team-building approach involves the equal engagement of all members at every project stage. This ensures that each person, regardless of their role and specialization, understands and identifies with your challenges and needs. Such collaboration fosters better communication and a more effective understanding of your expectations, directly contributing to the project’s success.

How Do We Work?

Starting a collaboration with us is more than just signing a contract. We ensure that the entire process is perfectly tailored to your company’s needs. We guide you step-by-step through the project phases so that the Enterprise CMS we implement not only meets your expectations but also helps you achieve your business goals.

Step One: Discovery Phase

The Discovery Phase is a crucial stage that allows us to understand the specific needs of your company in the context of implementing an Enterprise CMS, such as Magnolia and Adobe Experience Manager. During this phase, we not only identify key business requirements but also determine how to best utilize the capabilities of these advanced CMS systems to support your objectives.

Benefits of conducting the Discovery phase:

Identification of business needs and requirements for the implementation of Enterprise CMS

  1. Shared Understanding of Business Requirements

Are you wondering what new lead generation opportunities the system can offer? What conversion metrics need to be achieved? How should the system handle peak sales loads? We precisely define your goals and needs to ensure that all parties share the same understanding of the project’s success. This helps us determine which functionalities will be most useful and what performance parameters are required.

2. Tailoring the System to Your Needs

The specificity of systems like Magnolia or AEM requires a thorough understanding of both your expectations and those of your clients. Through preliminary analysis and assessment, we can avoid the risk of implementing a system that does not meet your company’s actual requirements.

Analysis and assessment of requirements translates into a better fit of the implemented product
First testing of CMS

3. Rapid Testing and Prototyping

We can quickly create a Proof of Concept and test key features, allowing for early adjustments and optimization of the system before full implementation.

4. Project Cost Optimization

Thorough planning and requirement definition in the early stages increase efficiency and shorten implementation time, directly translating into lower overall project costs.

Discovery phase report as a basis for future decisions

5. Foundation for Future Decisions

After completing the Discovery phase, we provide a comprehensive report that serves as a solid foundation for future project decisions. This strategic approach enables long-term planning and adaptation as your company grows.

6. Confirmation of Expected Budget

Based on the results of the Discovery phase, we can accurately estimate future implementation costs. This provides you with financial clarity and allows for better project budget management.

The Discovery phase is not only a time to understand technical requirements but also an opportunity to build the foundations for a lasting and effective collaboration, which is crucial when implementing complex CMS.

Accurate estimation of CMS implementation costs

Many clients find it too risky to sign an implementation contract with a company that wants to confirm the budget only after the Discovery phase. We completely understand this, which is why we offer the option of conducting just the Discovery phase. After this phase, you will receive a complete set of materials for preparing a request for proposal (RFP). With a precisely defined backlog and all other artifacts from the Discovery phase, your company will be able to announce a tender, invite other companies, and compare offers “apples to apples.”

Steps in the implementation of an enterprise CMS

Step two:

CMS implementation

Design and planning

Based on the collected information, we develop a detailed implementation plan. This plan includes selecting the Enterprise CMS to be used (e.g., Magnolia, AEM), designing the system architecture, strategizing integration with other systems, and creating a project timeline. Together, we review initial interface designs created by our UX/UI team, based on research and data, to ensure they are both functional and effective in guiding users through processes such as purchasing.

Development & Implementation

We begin installing and customizing the chosen Enterprise CMS to meet your company’s specific needs. At this stage, our developers design and implement custom modules and features to extend the system’s capabilities, tailoring them precisely to your organization’s requirements. We focus not only on technical details but also on ensuring the platform’s design aligns with your brand image. The further development of the system involves implementing solutions, testing them during your daily operations, and continuously improving them based on your feedback.

System Integration

We integrate the CMS with your existing business applications, such as ERP systems, CRM tools, or analytics tools. This enables data to flow seamlessly between systems, ideally without requiring intervention from your team, thereby increasing operational efficiency. Our experience in integrating complex systems allows us to quickly resolve any issues and ensure all tools work harmoniously.

User friendly interface (user interface) of the content management system of a website - CMS operation like publish content

Data Migration

If you are transitioning from another CMS, we handle the data migration. Our team meticulously plans and executes the migration process to ensure that all critical information, including user data, content, and configuration settings, is securely transferred. We provide comprehensive support and monitoring throughout the process, minimizing downtime and the risk of data loss.

Testing & Training

Before the official launch, we conduct a series of tests to identify and fix any issues. We also organize training sessions for your employees to help them effectively use the new tool. This approach allows for a faster product rollout, as employees are better prepared to utilize the CMS from the outset.

Go live

The final step is the go-live phase, where the CMS is launched into production. At this stage, we can either conclude our collaboration or move on to further steps, depending on your needs*.

Launch of the content management system

*Step Three: Maintenance and Development

After implementing your CMS, our work doesn’t have to stop. Depending on your needs, we offer further optimization and development, which we carry out within an additional budget.

We provide continuous technical support so your team can focus on daily business operations without worrying about the technical aspects of the system. We regularly update the CMS and introduce new features based on ongoing performance analysis and received feedback. These actions ensure that the system effectively supports the growth and achievement of your company’s business goals.

How Much Does It Cost?

Implementing a CMS, as described above, requires at least several months of work by a multi-person team. Therefore, we work with clients who are ready to invest a minimum of 500,000 PLN in new solutions. As for maintenance costs, it depends on the chosen Enterprise solution and the level of support necessary for your company.

Our Experience

Over years of collaboration with large, international corporations, we have gained valuable experience in implementing and maintaining comprehensive digital marketing transformation solutions. Our projects include complex CMS implementations that require not only technical knowledge but also a deep understanding of diverse markets and industry specifics. This allows us to advise organizations on choosing solutions that best support their growth and enable them to achieve strategic goals with optimal budget utilization.

We are an official partner of Magnolia and intensively train our teams to achieve full certifications and provide expertise at the highest level. While our direct experience with Magnolia CMS and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is in the process of intensive development, we have already successfully implemented these systems for clients such as Kyocera and for projects within the SYZYGY group, which have gained market recognition.


  • Do you perform migration and update of old solutions to the current version (e.g., from version 1.0 to 2.0 CMS)?

To answer this question with certainty, we should go through the Discovery phase together and decide whether the best solution is to update the current version of the system or to implement a completely new one. If your CMS hasn’t been properly maintained and has accumulated significant technical debt, it may turn out that implementing a new CMS is more cost-effective and safer for your company than updating the old one.

  • How long will such an implementation take?

At least several months – this is the only answer we can give you before an initial conversation. The CMS we discuss are complex systems, and the process of creating the backlog 1.0 (Discovery phase) alone can take several weeks of intensive collaboration with you and your team. During this time, we want to understand and define your goals to effectively achieve them. It’s important to us that you have confidence at every stage that our actions are effective and lead to success. Only after this phase can we more accurately estimate how long the entire implementation will take.

  • How will I maintain the platform? What skills do I need?

Implementing a system that “just works” is usually not enough, as there are numerous external factors to consider. Therefore, updates to the frameworks, external tools, etc., are essential to maintaining the appropriate level of security.

We also believe that if you need the solution we offer, it is important to you in a business context and should be developed along with the growth of your company and user requirements (new design trends, changing user habits and expectations, etc.). We also offer services related to maintaining and developing your Enterprise CMS.

Team imlementing CMS

Let’s talk about the expected results

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