LOT Airlines

Reinforcing sales with the new LOT platform

Our Role

Design & UX

For LOT Polish Airlines, we have designed the new sales platform LOT.com, thus creating a service that improves the passengers’ comfort of travel even before the journey begins.

The Aim

The LOT.com website is meant to be the main Internet sales point for Polish Airlines LOT, offering their passengers a slew of constantly improving services. Our aim was to simplify the presentation of information important to clients and future passengers and to clearly showcase promotions and available services.

The Idea

Above all, we wanted the new platform to be intuitive, accessible, and to encourage people to purchase tickets and additional services. However, we had to be mindful of the habits of airline website users, and thus adopted a balanced approach in terms of introducing modern solutions and the latest trends in web design.

The Execution

We have limited content to a minimum to achieve greater clarity and ease of finding pertinent information. Many topics have been presented in picture and icon form, with brief comments.

Designed all layouts with smaller resolutions in mind, making the website mobile-friendly. We have accentuated elements important to passengers – such as information about their travel, promotions, and additional offers – and made them more accessible.

Visual Consistency for the LOT.com Sales Platform

At every stage of the design process, we were mindful of the fact that pleasant travel should begin not with taking a seat on a plane, but already during the booking process.

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