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Our Role

Digital Lead

As SYZYGY Group, the international digital lead agency, we have provided a positive and seamless user experience across all the Lufthansa Group’s digital touchpoints since 2019. We assist passengers of Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS from booking and check-in through to arrival. Their individual needs at each stage of the journey are always our priority.

Four airlines, one aim: a great user experience

We see ourselves as drivers of digital opportunities. We always have one aim in mind: to create a premium digital experience for Lufthansa Group customers through optimised user flows, convenient new features and efficient processes that underpin the customer experience.

Need an example?

Each of the airlines has its own individual character. We emphasise this individuality through our work, while at the same time thinking globally and generating maximum synergy.

Working on a basis agreed with the client, as SYZYGY Group we created four individual digital brand style guides and also a pattern library, which ensures standardisation where it is beneficial and promotes individuality where it strengthens the brand.

Premium mobile phone screen mockup template

Better together

A seamless customer experience can only be achieved if everyone pulls together, especially in large organisations like the Lufthansa Group.

A crucial part of our job involves bringing together information, targets and – most importantly – people. This ensures a shared vision, avoids inconsistencies and increases cost efficiency.

Our partners in this are the online sales, brand and product departments of the four airlines. We support them by bringing all the relevant stakeholders together through our active governance activities. As a result, work is more efficient and customers are happier.

Our contribution as SYZYGY Warsaw:

  • CX and process consulting
  • UX and interaction design
  • Wireframes and screen design


Our services as SYZYGY Group include also

  • Business innovation and service design
  • Multi-brand online style guide
  • Pattern library/storybook
  • Prototyping and usability testing
  • Content strategy and editorial
  • Frontend development and project management (Scrum)
  • Backend consulting and quality monitoring
  • Multi-brand stakeholder management and governance

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Agata Kuich - SYZYGY Warsaw - New Business

We consistently prioritize the business perspective, skillfully elevating sales without compromising the quality user experience.

Agata Kuich
IT Business Partner
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