Rebuilding a e-commerce platform for the world’s biggest tourist brand

Our Role

Product & Web Development

In collaboration with TUI, we embarked on a five-year transformative journey, culminating in the design and implementation of a modern e-commerce platform, This partnership focused on our integral role in reconstructing the platform to bolster online sales and establish our client as a dominant force in the Polish tourism industry. Our commitment began with a deep dive into the client’s business goals, recognizing the need for a comprehensive overhaul to align with dynamic market trends and elevate their online sales strategy.

Our role

Over the course of five years, we played a central role in the reconstruction process, focusing on various aspects that directly influenced the client’s online presence and sales performance.

1. Redesigning the Booking Process:

We took charge of redesigning and programming the booking process, streamlining the user experience to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our goal was to simplify the process while encouraging users to explore additional services, ultimately contributing to increased sales.

2. Presentation of Hotels and Additional Services:

A key element of our involvement was the complete overhaul of how hotels and additional services were presented on the platform. Through innovative design and strategic placement, we aimed to captivate users and drive them towards making informed choices, thereby boosting conversion rates.

3. New Iconography System:

Recognizing the importance of visual communication, we introduced a new iconography system that not only enhanced the platform’s aesthetics but also played a crucial role in guiding users through the various features and offerings. This contributed to a more intuitive user experience and increased engagement.

4. Style Guide Dedicated to the Online Channel:

To ensure consistency across the platform, we developed a comprehensive Style Guide dedicated to the online channel. This not only facilitated a cohesive visual identity but also streamlined development processes, ensuring a unified and polished user interface.

“Thanks to SYZYGY’s help, we have recorded a visible increase in sales.”

Adrian Mazurek
Head of E-commerce, TUI Poland

Encouraging technology adoption

One noteworthy accomplishment was identifying the optimal solution for our client, leading to the adoption of the React framework. This decision markedly improved platform performance, fostering a more dynamic and responsive user interface and ultimately enhancing the overall user experience. Our focus was not on “winning” or “convincing,” but rather on finding the best-suited solution to meet our client’s needs.


Our dedication bore fruit in the form of a substantial surge in online sales, emerging as the primary metric for success and a pivotal indicator of the project’s overall triumph. The client’s e-commerce platform experienced a remarkable metamorphosis, firmly establishing itself as a frontrunner in the competitive landscape of the Polish tourism industry.


  • Prototyping
  • Product & Service design
  • Product development
  • Experience design
  • Maintenance & Operations


  • Javascript: React, Redux, Next.js, Node.js
  • Front-end: SCSS – BEM
  • Tests: Jest, Cypress, Lighthouse
  • Architecture: Server Side Rendering, Continuous Integration
Agata Kuich - SYZYGY Warsaw - New Business

We create long-term and partnership relationships with customers that translate into qualitative product development.

Agata Kuich
IT Business Partner

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