Digital consulting customized for every product development phase and specific customer needs.

Whenever you come up with brilliant new product idea or are wondering which way to go with scaling your existing software solution, you can count on our consulting expertise. We will guide you through the process with decisions related to strategic planning, technology architecture, quality, as well as design and delivery.

Sometimes you are not ready to plan the product build due to the different priorities at the moment or simply lack of sufficient knowledge, time or financial resources. All you want to do is to have a conversation with an experienced team about what you should do to move forward, which success metrics to choose and what are the best methods to validate your business hypothesis. Our product strategy and technology experts can offer you in-depth consultancy ranging from specific tasks like UX/UI audits or CMS configuration up to discovery workshops and digital transformation.

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"Every modern company wants to adapt to every-changing environment as fast as possible. But haste makes waste and that is why, we respect firm’s individual capabilities and consult our customers cost-effectively and in timely manner."


We test concepts, ideas and design assumptions, as well as learn a client’s competitive environment and discover real demand for new functionalities.

Product Ownership

We help you with setting clear goals and expectations for the development team and how to maximize the value of the product built.

UX Design

The design process based on building positive user experiences when interacting with the product.

UX Design

UI Design

Our goal is to create a clean, contemporary design with subtle use of interactivity to drive user engagement.

UI Design


Data analysis helps in understanding your users but also in product optimization or finding answers to your business questions.


We will help you set the strategic outline for the best stories to tell to activate your content and reach your goals.



Helping you identify what you need to do and the best way to do it.

Digital Transformation

We can support you in leveraging the power of digital for your future business transformation.

MVP Development

The best way to validate your business hypotheses is to build and quickly release to the market a Minimum Viable Product.

Team Enablement

We extract critical knowledge out of a business’s internal silos to enable the team to work towards a common goal.

What do you get?

  • Comprehensive analysis of your product idea
  • Possible scenarios of the further ideation process
  • Recommended business metrics, verified project objectives
  • Redesigned information architecture
  • A solid plan for all product design and development phases

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