Biuro SYZYGY Warsaw.
Witajcie w naszym nowym domu!

Warszawa, luty 19, 2021
Recepcja biura SYZYGY Warsaw

We’re pleased to present to you our new, fabulous, and cozy office based in Dolny Mokotów, where we have moved at the beginning of the year.

Our team now has over 1300 square meters at their disposal and has everything one may need to work conveniently: open space for creative work, focus roomswhen one has to concentrate, conference rooms for company meetings and hosting our clients and of course chill-out zones, because nothing works better for hitting on a brilliant idea than a short repose.

We’re on the top floor, so if you’re in the hood feel free to drop by and have a coffee with us on our sunny terrace.

You’re more than welcome.

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