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Together with our long-standing client Nutricia Poland, we have introduced a new version of the “BoboVita” mobile app that aimed at increasing user engagement.

The “BoboVita” app is an educational tool that offers information on nutrition and the proper development of children during the first three years of life.

It was created to aid parents at every stage of expanding their baby’s diet, and to make it easier for them to introduce new flavors into the mix.

The Challenge

The first version of the app, which was created in 2016, matched the layout of the brand’s website, which has evolved in the meantime. This meant that one of our tasks was to redesign it. The aim was to provide cohesive visual identification between the website and the app.

In terms of technological changes, we needed to introduce modern tools that would make updates more efficient, and reduce the costs related to the maintenance and development of the app – which until that point had been programmed separately for iOS and Android devices.

Another one of our tasks was implementing Push notifications to encourage users to use the app more often, and to discover its valuable content and useful functionalities.

The client also wanted to improve communication between the app and the website on which the content and notifications that show up on the app are created.

Optimal Technology

When thinking about creating the new “BoboVita” app, we had to factor in the cost and the client’s resources, which is why we decided to use an emerging technology called React Native. Using this architecture, you have to write the app just once and are then able to publish it on both iOS and Android devices with only minor adjustments. Additionally, React Native allows the co-sharing of components by websites and mobile apps, which makes further development of the app even faster, cheaper, and easier.

By using React Native, we have reduced the production costs related to the future development of the app by nearly 50%

Increasing User Activity By Implementing Push Notifications and a “News” Section

One of the ways to engage the users of the “BoboVita” app are Push notifications that inform them about new content in the newly-added “News” section – articles related to their child’s age group, new products, and events in their area. By integrating it with the existing CMS system, the client can use this tool at will, without needing to learn a new one. The system allows for the sending out of automated messages – for example when a baby reaches the age when their diet can be expanded – as well as targeting selected users with spontaneous promotions.

We Have Made Precise Targeting of Messages Possible

By using the Firebase tool, we were able to precisely monitor the user’s movements and run advanced analyses based on which our client can create marketing automation scenarios. That way, they can reach very select groups with precise messages, sparing the nerves of other people for whom this type of content would be just information overload.

New features increased the frequency of users’ visits by 70%

Design and UX

We have designed the entire app from scratch in order for it to correspond with the current layout of the website

We wanted the app to be as intuitive as possible, which is why we have improved navigation – moving the graphical elements around and transferring the main menu to the bottom of the screen. This gave users easier and faster access to individual modules and meant that they don’t waste time looking for their desired content.

MIXX 2019 Award in Best UX Design Category

BoboVita mobile app was selected as one of the best mobile apps in terms of UX Design and received Bronze Mixx Award 2019.


  • Mobile app: React Native (ExpoKit)
  • Backend: Symfony, CMS Kunstmaan Bundles
  • Analytics: AppsFlyer, AppCake, Facebook SDK, Firebase Analytics
  • Services: Firebase Cloud Messaging
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