A Polish Football Multimedia Platform

Our Role

App Development

For the Polish Football Association (PZPN), we have created the Library of Polish Football – the biggest platform of its kind in Europe, allowing millions of football fans to relive unforgettable emotions.

All This Football in One Place

The Polish Football Library is a multimedia encyclopedia of the Polish Football Association which offers millions of users access to videos, photographs, trivia, and news on the latest matches. Thanks to the Library, every Polish football fan can be transported in time to legendary moments – for example, the famous “match on water” with West Germany in 1974 – peruse Polish team stats, or see how Zbigniew Boniek scored against Belgium during the 1982 Mundial.

A Project Unlike Any Other in Europe

The Library is a pioneering and one of a kind project. The Polish Football Association wanted it to be an attractive product for a very broad range of users, from the youngest set who want to learn about key moments in Polish football history, through fans keeping track of current games, to die-hards searching the archives for previously unreleased content.

The Challenge

PZPN was looking for established technology that would allow it to efficiently manage content and offer a wide range of audiovisual materials. Our task was to create and implement a modern, elaborate platform with a big multimedia section and a video archive that would be expanded on a regular basis.

MVP – Optimizing Costs and Satisfying the End-User

In order to make sure that the project would meet the expectations of its users and that they would use it eagerly, we proposed to create the MVP, or Minimum Viable Product. We helped PZPN redefine the parameters of the platform in order to quickly create and launch the beta version. This approach yields two essential benefits: it allows the client to optimize project expenditures, while simultaneously verifying the key tenets of the project and giving us vital information about the real needs and preferences of potential users.

Based on the requirements and designs prepared by the client, we have created from scratch a new digital product that made maximum use of the enormous database of knowledge and content exclusive to PZPN

We Have Made Precise Targeting of Messages Possible

By using the Firebase tool, we were able to precisely monitor the user’s movements and run advanced analyses based on which our client can create marketing automation scenarios. That way, they can reach very select groups with precise messages, sparing the nerves of other people for whom this type of content would be just information overload.

Design and UX

We have designed the entire app from scratch in order for it to correspond with the current layout of the website www.bobovita.pl.

We wanted the app to be as intuitive as possible, which is why we have improved navigation – moving the graphical elements around and transferring the main menu to the bottom of the screen. This gave users easier and faster access to individual modules and meant that they don’t waste time looking for their desired content.


  • Mobile app: React Native (ExpoKit)
  • Backend: Symfony, CMS Kunstmaan Bundles
  • Analytics: AppsFlyer, AppCake, Facebook SDK, Firebase Analytics
  • Services: Firebase Cloud Messaging
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