A digital platform for the largest convenience store chain in Poland

Our Role

Web Development

Together with Żabka Polska – the Brand of the Year 2019 and largest convenience store chain in Poland with 2 million customers daily – we’ve launched a brand new digital platform celebrating the company’s rebranding.

The Challenge

As the leader of the convenient grocery store segment, Żabka wants to comprehensively address the daily needs of its customers in one place while ensuring the dynamic expansion of its network and catering to entrepreneurs, franchisees, and potential employees who are the bedrock of the company. We have designed a web service that would achieve all of those objectives.

Our task was to design, consolidate, and implement a new version of two services:
the consumer service that presents a wide array of services and products available at the Żabka stores, and the corporate one which allows potential partners to find relevant business information and to contact the company.

Solid Foundations

We always tailor the technologies we use to the individual needs of our clients. In this case, we picked a solution based on the leading open framework Symfony 3. Using this kind of a ready-made tool reduces the time required to create the service and the number of potential errors while improving its security. Additionally, we have also proposed the React library, which is a perfect fit for such a fast and dynamic web service, and scalable technologies such as Amazon Web Services.

Mobile First

We wanted the user experience to be universally good, regardless of the device used to access the portal. We settled on a “mobile-first” approach, ensuring the best experience for small screen owners, and gradually expanded to cover higher resolutions.

Transparency & Accessibility

When planning the layout, we ensured the proper exposition of individual sub pages and key Żabka services, so that the customers were directed to the desired ones first. We added a set of icons to the sparsely worded menu bar categories, making them easy to identify. The layered website structure, coupled with the use of parallax, makes it more dynamic and pleasant to use.

For Customers’ Convenience

We have introduced a mechanism that allows for the products offered on the main page of the website to change depending on the time of day to better address the customers’ current needs, ex. offering aromatic coffee in the morning, and warm snacks during lunch hour.

Another solution we have proposed was a search feature for the over five thousand Żabka franchises, allowing customers to find the closest store, check the availability of various services, and chart the fastest route to get there before it closes. We have integrated the store locator with Żabka’s internal systems.


  • Languages: React, Redux
  • Frontend: SCSS w metodologii BEM
  • Backend: Symfony, CMS Kunstmaan Bundles
  • Architecture: Microservice, Server Side Rendering
  • Services: Algolia, Google Maps API
  • Monitoring: Pingdom, Pager Duty
  • Hosting: AWS, Continuous Deployment, High Availability, CDN, Infrastructure as a code
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