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What does digitalisation mean? Digital transformation can be a crucial element of any business transformation plan and might be the key to the success of any project. Combining the right technology with skilled team, efficient processes, and streamlined operations can open up new business opportunities for organisations.

We help businesses plan and implement digital transformation, which includes selecting and implementing appropriate technologies and ensuring transparent communication and training for employees whose work processes may drastically change.

Most companies offering new tools, applications, or other digital technologies also provide training for these tools and post-implementation technical support. However, the key to successful digital transformation is ensuring how individual employees engage in this transformation and whether it ultimately increases their productivity.

Digital Transformation in Your Organisation – How Can We Help?

There are several areas where we can support you on your journey to successful digital transformation. These areas are closely interconnected, and if you want to start introducing new technologies in your organisation, and changing existing processes for many employees, you must consider both of the following aspects:

1. Consulting & Implementation of Appropriate Technologies

We can create online platforms that will support your digital marketing efforts. Integrated with other tools used in your company, they will form a comprehensive ecosystem of marketing tools. This will provide insights into:

  • activities on your platforms,
  • the types of content consumed,
  • topics of interest to users,
  • effective methods of delivering value to them.

This approach will help build customer loyalty and increase conversion rates. These are just examples of transformation in digital marketing, where we have the most experience. Specific digital solutions and ideas on using them will emerge during the initial discussions about your goals and challenges.

You can read more about the solutions and implementations of various technologies on our services page.

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2. Consulting & Active Participation in Implementing Technologies in Your Organisation’s Processes

Advanced technologies (artificial intelligence, machine learning, or other digital technologies) can be planned and implemented quietly by a few involved in the process. However, convincing employees of this change and addressing their challenges is crucial for our clients, especially if their accustomed way of working is to change significantly.

This task is for digital transformation leaders who can demonstrate extraordinary empathy and understanding of how difficult this process is and how much it demands from people. Only with such an approach can one count on a successful digital transformation. We are also happy to support your company in this process, which is equally important as the technology implementation. We will help you plan communication and appropriate workshops and training for specific teams, with a particular focus on an empathetic approach to each person.

Business process transformation and digital transformation strategy - consulting

The Digital Transformation Strategy & Business Processes – How Do We Support It?

If the technology we need to implement for you means significant changes in work methods and existing processes, it is as important as choosing the right technology to conduct appropriate meetings and workshops with everyone affected by these changes. Our approach includes selecting and integrating the right technologies to support your business goals and facilitate the transformation process. This includes modernising your existing processes and infrastructure, ensuring they align with your business strategy.

Digital transformation projects & digital transformations processes - Data analytics, new business models and organizational culture

We Conduct an Audit of the Current Situation

At thee beginning of digital transformation journey, before we start working on designing new solutions, we will want to understand the current situation, find out how the teams affected by the change work, learn their opinions about what works best in their processes, what they think could be improved, and what digital and other tools they use for their work and their opinions about them.

The audit’s outcome will be a description of the situation and conclusions about which areas can be improved with other tools and what to focus on when designing new digital technologies and processes.

We Organise Workshops to Design Processes and Select Appropriate Tools

At the planning and design stage, we will want to understand the goals you set for digital transformation to jointly develop new processes that will support your business model transformation and be effective and user-friendly for employees.

We will also plan appropriate workshops and training sessions with individual teams to support digital transformation implementation. Our primary goal will be to present the possibilities offered by introducing new technologies and processes and how employees can safely use them in their daily work.

Our task will be to involve not only the decision-making committee but, above all, the employees, the future users of the applications, in designing processes and technologies.

We Begin Technology Implementation

At the stage when our specialists are working on implementing new solutions, we will conduct regular meetings with teams in your company to discuss individual elements and functionalities of the implemented tools. We want the technology implementation to be based on employee feedback to consider their needs and processes, ultimately increasing their productivity.

Our goal will be:

  • Introducing and familiarising teams with new tools,
  • Best matching these tools to their needs.

This is also the stage where appropriate training should be conducted on how to use new tools and how digitalising processes will help increase productivity and achieve daily goals. At this stage, we will show the value of change and digital transformation.

The final stage will be the launch of new processes and technological solutions in the organisation, integrating them into individual departments, and observing and supporting teams in your organisation in using new tools.

Digital technology and robotic process automation supports business processes to make better decisions in real time.

When Is It Worth Starting Cooperation With Us?

From our experience, the most important factor in digital transformation is the engagement of all decision-makers and trust in the process, as well as the need to involve all employees affected by the change in the organisation.

We encounter situations where clients fear introducing changes to their workflow or business models due to employees’ habits with old solutions and processes. It is difficult for them to convince teams that the change can bring concrete value to both the company and individuals.

Even if there is enthusiasm and a desire for change in the organisation, the scope of changes being implemented may still be so large, and the tools may be so different from the existing ones and have such an impact on processes that even in favourable circumstances, digital transformation can be very risky.

In such risky situations, we will help you understand the problems in the organisation, precisely plan the necessary processes, and implement the change in a way that considers the feedback of all stakeholders, significantly increasing the chances of success.

How Much Does Our Support in Digital Transformation Cost?

This is an additional service you do not have to use when implementing new solutions. It is not a simple and quick service, as it requires the involvement of at least several people throughout the design and implementation of new tools.

The costs will certainly not be less than tens of thousands of pounds, but they should not exceed more than 20% of the cost of implementing the technology itself.

Cost of digital transformation projects

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of digital transformation?

Simply put, digital transformation is a process where a company, through the use of technology, changes its way of working, sometimes its business model, and internal processes to increase work efficiency and flexibility, becoming a more agile organisation that can adapt more quickly to changing conditions.

For example, we start by moving all documents and files to the cloud, making them accessible to employees from anywhere 24/7. We then improve customer experience and service throughout the entire Customer Journey by better understanding their needs and behaviours, and finally, we use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to make better business decisions.

Successful digital transformation and business value - How to implement digital technologies: Consulting

Overcome Barriers in Your Digital Transformation Initiatives

There are multiple common barriers that digital transformation initiatives, projects, and strategies face. From employee resistance to adapting new digital technologies to the complexity of integrating new systems into existing workflows, these challenges can be daunting.

Contact us to discover how our expertise can help you navigate these obstacles and achieve a seamless and successful transformation.

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