The fight for diversity, inclusivity, and, for good measure, awareness

10. March 2023

There is still a lot of work to be done in the context of the fight for equality, not just gender diversity. The power of new opportunities lies in diversity, as it harnesses the strengths of male and female energies. The world of business and technology as we have known it until now was based on a male perspective. It was devoid of meaningful contributions from women, and thus selective, alienated and failed to realize its full potential.

Zespół z SYZYGY pracujący dla Mazdy

It is common knowledge that everything changes, and sometimes even goes back to the starting point. However, sometimes we forget the origin of certain phenomena. For example, the fact that women were the first programmers and it was a woman who invented Wifi.

“The road to realizing one’s privilege is often winding and difficult, because that’s the way it is with privileges – when we have them we take them for granted. It is their absence that is painfully felt. Women have for a very long time been discouraged from taking on careers in IT, and as a result the industry is male-dominated, but there is no reason why it should stay that way.” – Dorota Świątek, Diversity & Inclusion Partner*

Dorota Świątek - SYZYGY

Our responsibility as an organization is to create a diverse and safe space that anyone can join.

Dorota Świątek
Diversity & Inclusion Partner*

When we talk about equality, we don’t just emphasize fighting exclusion, but first and foremost enabling balanced development and social change that matches the real structure of that society. It’s not just about equal opportunities for women. The fight for diversity in the context of gender also opens up the debate on non-binary people or representative_ of other ethnic groups, people with disabilities, the LGBTQIA+ community.

To understand customers, users, markets or industries, you need to involve people with different backgrounds, skills, experiences, because only through the diversity of the team can all these aspects be captured and understood. Only by understanding the audience of our work can we create a good product for them.

“Our workplace should reflect the changes taking place in society, especially the positive ones.” – Marcin Stasiak, Fullstack Developer

We need more women in IT, so that we get more balanced perspective when creating products in technology sector.

Marcin Stasiak
Fullstack Developer
Zespół z SYZYGY tworzący aplikacje mobilną dla grupy Lufthansa

Team Cabin Crew – the only all-female team in SYZYGY Warsaw so far

Together with SYZYGY Group, we have prepared a series of articles introducing our point of view, and several people from SYZYGY Warsaw have shared their perspective in them:

We are responsible, not only for wide opening the door to it but also to invite them in and help them to make themselves feel welcomed and appreciated. I believe that real actions such as supervisory, helping in taking their first steps, or encouraging them to aim for more is our duty since we are already a part of this world. Equal and explicit salaries are also the key.”

Agata Kuich (IT Business Partner*)

All my career I’ve been working with female developers that were self-thaught. Working with them was delightful and the diversity of the team allowed us to draw from it while working on the product. I think that pregnancy and maternity leave are still a taboo subject and the fact that we still equate women with ‘the main caretakers of children’ should change. I’ve been working with a great female developer that was able to be the two – mother and developer – at the same time. During her maternity leave, she also managed to do what she likes – coding. What differentiates a good developer from the bad one is passion and engagement and not the gender.
– Piotr Mieszczak (Angular Developer)

I think that I have never feel worse in this world full of men. But I still dream that it would be filled with more women, because there is a lot of space for us and our (also) natural skills!
– Paulina Kantorska (IT Client Partner*)

So should we be afraid of a scenario in which we are not hired because of some kind of exclusion or prejudice? Let’s face it – it’s still possible! If you feel that you were not hired because of intolerance for whatever reason, demand clear feedback from recruiters and speak up. The more we talk about it and show examples of inequality, the stronger our arguments will be.

SYZYGY Group blogs

IT is driven by innovation and creativity, and thus relies on people to drive it forward. A great community of diverse characters with different backgrounds and ideas is the key to innovation and success.

No data suggests that gender has any effect on the speed of acquisition and learning. If you hear from an early age that men are naturally predisposed to learning, you begin to believe that you are not good enough or that there is a good chance you will fail.

Why do we need to pay attention again to the importance of diversity and why are we still far from equality in the 21st century?

The creative and technology industries naturally need to adapt to the demands of the modern world. The nature of working in a “virtual environment” means that many tasks can be performed remotely to accommodate different lifestyles and responsibilities.

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